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Automation testing course NoidaAutomation testing course Noida is a  path-breaking course in core Java, Selenium, Appium training program for those individuals who want to build their career in automation program development.

Under the Automation testing course Noida, there are different courses such as web automation testing (selenium training), mobile automation testing (appium training) and API testing along with JAVA framework in each of these courses.  Core Java, Selenium, Appium automation testing programs ready formal graduates and engineering graduates to build their career in web automation testing, mobile automation testing as well as API testing related career opportunities. Here, students are given practical training to work with the tools such as Selenium for web automation testing, Appium for mobile automation testing and core Java remains the backbone of these programs. Live projects are also available for all the trainees and they are awarded suitable certificates based upon their work experience during the training program. The training is imparted by the experienced trainers who are already practicing it in different organizations of repute under Automation testing course Noida.

Subjects like Selenium tool training, Appium tool training, web automation, mobile automation, core Java, API automation testing & other technical training have been key forte of these individuals. It helped us to come together & launch the initiative and help students achieve their career aspirations.

Benefits for the students are as follows:

  1. Practical training on tools
  2. Live project exposure of testing
  3. Certification for testing work done
  4. Online classes can be imparted to students at distant locations.

Precisely, the following benefits make Tupin Programs to be one of most authentic programs in the respective domains.

  • Maximum exposure through practical based training programs.
  • Experienced faculties along with practicing professionals of their respective domains.
  • Necessary industry oriented certifications and preparations for the certification exam.
  • Domain specific projects & live projects.
  •  Supplementary study materials with classroom presentations.

The course of Automation testing course Noida, is one of the top selling and popular courses and are in huge demand among the technology driven company. Automation testing course Noida, has three important courses that are named as Selenium training, Appium Training, API testing training. These three courses come with the JAVA language framework to work in these courses.

In Selenium training, web automation testing is delivered that is practical oriented and based upon live testing of the website functions. It uses JAVA framework and companies demand selenium professionals with attractive packages. In Appium training, mobile automation testing training is delivered with live testing of mobile apps such as Android Apps and iOS Apps. In API testing training, students are also trained on API testing so that they can perform the task expected from their employers. All these trainings require JAVA, so either students know it or they are first delivered JAVA training first so that they are ready for the advanced training. This course can also be pursued by the formal graduates who have a right aptitude for technology based courses under the course of Automation testing course Noida. The training is delivered under the expert supervision of the experienced trainers and certificates are also awarded after the successful completion of the course Automation testing course Noida. The course is delivered at a central location in Noida, that is nearest to the metro station of Sector-62, Noida. It makes the course as well as training center to be an attractive proposition for the students.

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