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Career in Web Automation Testing


Growing Need for Web Automation Testing

In today’s digital world, every business is creating its market online. People sitting at home can see the products listing and location of any business listed on the internet. And to show their presence, businesses should have a website not only for customers but also for their task force to make the processes simpler.

It evolves a major opportunity for website development and testing. Automation testing of website carries more value as whenever there are enhancements in the functionality of business, one needs to perform a regression test for complete functionality which if done manually can be tedious.


Sectors which need automation testing

Web Automation testing is required in most major sectors including finance and e-commerce.

Who should learn web automation testing:

  1. Engineering freshers who are looking for a job in the software
  2. Manual test engineers trying to improve their profile for a better career opportunity.
  3. Software developers should learn automation tools as things are now moving towards DevOps where software developers also need to launch automation tests during the coding phases.


5 quick steps to get a job in the Software industry for freshers

  1. Learn Web Automation tools as it is in demand.
  2. Take a few certifications like Oracle, ISTQB etc.
  3. Prepare a good resume highlighting the hands-on experience on web automation tools.
  4. Apply for the job to maximum software companies as every software needs testing.
  5. Prepare well for the interview.

Why Web Automation testing is important:

Since most software companies have products which are already developed or providing services to developed products so they mainly get big projects for either testing or support. Development is needed for enhancements etc. In such a scenario, for placing yourself in the market where jobs are in abundance Web Automation testing can be beneficial.

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